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I’m a working mother of a toddler. As a mother, I need to find the best deals possible to save money whenever I can – especially with a little one running around. That’s why I love working for Memolink, because I find out about all the deals first. On the weekends, I like to ski, hike, bike and travel, and my husband loves to golf when he’s not taking our son to the park. I shop online constantly because its way more convenient than taking my kid to the store, plus I can usually save way more online.

The Cat’s Meow

It has been estimated that there are between 74-96 million owned cats in this country, with 30-37% of American households owning a cat.  That can add up to a lot of bored kitties. I recently adopted two cats of my own, Malamar who is 3, is a male black and …

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QVC’s Easy Does It Day with 6% cash back at Memolink

Today is QVC’s Easy Does It Day.  You can split the cost of the item into five or more easy payments with no monthly change, so its makes things super affordable, just in time for Father’s Day.  If you were hoping for a QVC Free Shipping coupon, you …

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Save HUGE on Ink Cartridges

Save on InkInk is expensive, so getting cash back on ink is key to saving money.  Right now, is offering 10% off, plus free shipping with the coupon code: PICNIC.  Plus, when you start on Memolink, you get an additional 5% cash back on your purchase.  10% off, 5% cash …

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New Navigation, More Free Points

NavigationWe asked some of our members how they liked navigating our site, and they said it was okay, but it could be better.  They also said that there were so many different ways to earn points that they didn’t know where to start.  So, we decided to make it easier …

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Make Money from Business Purchases

Whether you’re a business owner, the person who orders office supplies for your company, or the associate who Save on Business Traveltravels on business trips once in a while, Memolink can make you money.

Some business owners use Memolink to get cash back when they order their office supplies, breakroom supplies, book business …

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