She is having a baby!

As a young woman with no children, it can be difficult at times to know just what the heck to get for my large amount of friends who are getting married and having kids.  My best friend just officially announced that she is expecting a baby in January of 2015.  I am beyond excited for her and she is like a sister to me, so I know I have to start stocking up on the baby gifts now!  But what do I get?  Where do I even start?

I decided to look under the Baby Gift Guide and found some pretty awesome sites.  I started out at this adorable site called Too Cute Baby Gifts and found this really neat gift guide where you put in the  baby’s gender (or there is  a surprise option too) and how much you want to spend and it comes back with a ton of different options.   I can tell you this right now, I want everything!!  They even have an option to buy diaper cakes (obviously not edible) but totally cute!  And everyone knows that new parents can never have enough diapers!  The prices are reasonable and the stuff makes you want to have one of your very own!  And at 80 points/$, I don’t even have to spend too much to get a ton of points.

Another great idea I got from the Baby Gift Guide is the Gerber Life Insurance program.  It is a great option for my friend and her husband as they start their lives together with thier new baby.  It is also a gret way to earn a large amount of points, 16,000 to be exact. Can’t beat that!

There are so many other stores to find awesome baby stuff on Memolink.  So many that I feel my wallet getting lighter already!  But at least I will be getting tons of points and my friend will be getting tons of gifts!  Can’t wait to see this new baby already!


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