Save on Back to School!

Well here we are again, a month or so away from back to school time!  Can you believe it?  Time sure does fly when you are hanging at the pool, setting up that tent, or eating that BBQ!  This year, we really want to help you, our members save money on back to school.  We know that this can be a very expensive time of year and we all could use a little advice on how to save. Although times have changed quite a bit since I was a wee one, I know the mentality of elementary school aged children is basically the same. “Mom and Dad, please buy me all this cool new stuff, I know it is not on the list, but I want it!”

Tip #1: Stand your ground and get your little ones what is on the list.  Teachers made those lists because they know what your student needs, and they know we are all not made out of money. If you kid needs a new lunch box, suggest a cheaper solid or mulit-colored one rather than that awesome new “How to Train your Dragon 2″ new lunch box, because as soon as that next movie comes out that will be old news, but the solid color will still be in style! Lands’ End is offering some really nice ones with awesome designs and now 64 points/$.

Tip #2: Another great tip I stumbled across was to buy in value bundles and then do an exchange with your friends and family members.  For example, you be in charge of buying the bundles of paper and folders and then have your neighbor buy the bundles of crayons and markers, then you can each take one or two of each.  Saves you both time and money! Walmart, which is offering up to 40 points/$ you spend, has a bunch of value bundles that you and your friends can share between your kids.

Tip #3: Last but not least, another great idea is to write your child’s name or at least initials somewhere on their school supplies. Kids tend to lose things frequently or let their friends borrow an item and then when it is time to clean up, totally forget about who they let borrow it, or where they left it.  This way, the teacher can look at the item and call out your kids name!  They get their supplies back and you get to keep those extra dollars from not having to buy more in your  pocket.

Let us know if you have any more great tips that we can share with fellow members!  Comment below!


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