Bacon Press – It’s not just for bacon

Save on Bacon PressI came across a Bacon Press and decided to get one because 1) we love bacon and 2)smashburgers are awesome.  Smashburgers? Yes, that’s the only way to cook them on a stovetop.  But I’ll get back to that in a minute.  Let’s talk bacon first.

A bacon press is a heavy cast iron plate that you lay on top of bacon to cook it evenly and flat. This way, you don’t get half of the piece crispy and half uncooked.  We started making our bacon in the oven to cook it more evenly, but with this new addition, we can cook it on the stove top again.  If you love bacon, this is a must-have…but I know what you’re thinking, am I really going to buy this thing just to cook bacon?  No, of course not.

You can also use it to cook sausage patties, burgers, chicken, quesadillas, paninis and other grilled sandwiches.  We love making smashburgers on the stove top because by smashing the burger, it seers in the juices in the burger.  My husband used to make smashburgers by taking a small bowl and placing the spaghetti sauce jar in the bowl to get the weight needed to make a smashburger.  The reason I wasn’t a huge fan doing that was that we’re unintentionally heating the spaghetti sauce slightly, so we’re tainting the sauce. Instead, this four pound, cast iron bacon press will solve that issue and give us amazing smashburgers!

There are different kinds of bacon presses available.  There are rectangular ones and circular ones. The reason I don’t like the rectangular ones is that it doesn’t fit in a normal pan that I’d cook bacon in.  The circular version is 9 inches across, so it fits nicely in a 10 inch or larger pan.  The circular version is also more versatile for things like quesadillas.  You do have to season the bacon press, since it’s cast iron, but that was much easier than I expected.  I just put olive oil on the pan, and then coated the bacon press with olive oil, and left the bacon press in the pan on low for about 20 minutes.  It was that easy.

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