Bewitching Destinations: The Spookiest Halloween Escapes in America!



Looking for a spoooooky getaway this Halloween? If you just cackled “Yes!” in your best witches voice, then look no further, because we have selected the Top 5 most bewitching, spooky, sleep-with-the-lights-on destinations in America!

1. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts was home to the witch trials of 1692. Look out for flying broomsticks while you explore this historic town!

2. Sleepy Hollow, New York:

The legend of the Headless Horseman comes from Sleepy Hollow. Keep your ears peeled for the sound of hooves when you take a walk across the infamous Headless Horseman Bridge!

3. New Orleans, Louisiana:

Surrounded by the murky waters of a haunted swamp and decaying Plantations, New Orleans is tingling with voodoo magic and legends of the undead.

4. Savannah, Georgia:

Nestled in the deep south, Savannah saw it’s fair share of battles during the Civil War. Perhaps that explains all the ghost activity in it’s oldest buildings? Take a ghost tour and discover for yourself, if you dare!

5. Estes Park, Colorado:

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park claims to be the spooky inspiration for Steven King’s “The Shining”. Stay for a night or two in one of the many rooms and listen out for the words “Red Rum, Red Rum”!

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Happy Halloween, friends!

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