10 College Tips for Freshman

College Tips Freshman Should KnowStarting college can be an exciting but intimidating phase in life. With so many people to meet and so much to learn it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As someone who survived freshman year of college, I hope these college tips will help you, or your beloved child’s, first year be a success.

1. Meet as many people as you can. Don’t limit yourself to one group, one hall, or one club. You have the potential to meet people that will be a staple in your life forever. Avoid making the campus too small for yourself.

2. Make friends with your roommate. Trust me, 250 square feet of dorm room awesomeness does not leave much room for privacy. Also make sure to chat before moving in, you don’t need 2 TVs, 2 microwaves and 2 mini-fridges. Well, I hope you don’t…

3. Call your parents. Remember, they changed your diaper when you were kicking, screaming and being a little terror. They deserve a friendly hello every now and then.

4. Read a book just for fun at least once a semester. With all of the knowledge being thrown at you it’s easy to forget about reading for pleasure.

5. Bring or buy a bike. It makes campus feel a lot smaller. Also, as someone who collected 8,000 parking tickets on campus in my four years, my parents wish I wish I had done this.

6. When people say it goes by fast, enjoy every moment, they mean it. I’m still wondering where my undergrad years went. So stay up too late, take too many pictures, and go on that last minute spring break trip.

7. Find a reason to be happy each and every day. Whether it’s stopping for a moment to enjoy how beautiful campus is, or having the night of your life, take that opportunity. Homework, lectures and finals have a way of taking over, and stopping to appreciate things can help you de-stress.

8. So that class you’re dreading to take? Mine was Media Law. Don’t save it until Senior Year. Especially when the only class available at that point is at 8am. You won’t make it very often.

9. Always backup your laptop. Mine crashed a week before my first round of midterms. My dad had told me to backup two weeks prior. The “I told you so” speech was not a fun experience.

10. Get a credit card. Use it for your monthly purchases, up to 20% of the balance only. Pay it off in full every month. If you can’t maintain this discipline, tear it up. Using credit responsibly will make your credit score an asset down the road. You can buy a new car without Mommy and Daddy co-signing on it. Abuse your credit card and you will be begging Mommy and Daddy to co-sign on it.

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