Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day is a few short weeks away and I for one struggle every year around this time as my dad is impossible to shop for. There are a few guarantees about what your dad wants this year.

Meat. Most every guy loves it and can’t imagine a day without it. A nice package of ribeyes or porterhouses would make dad happy for weeks, or days if he really gets after it. Two of the best places to get your steaks (or chicken, or pork) are Omaha Steaks and Chicago Steak Company. Both sites have great individual selection as well as packages at varied prices, so there is something for everyone. I always suggest, well, request from my family, a package with different cuts of steak and pork because that gives me a few options. Also, be sure to get some of the delicious deserts available because no steak dinner is complete without cheesecake, brownies or cookies.meatandbeer

Nothing goes better with meat and desert quite like wine and beer, and we have you covered with that too. Wine.com has thousands of options (and tons of coupons) and is a must check if your dad fancies himself a sommelier. If you want to keep reminding dad that you love him, maybe consider a wine or beer of the month club from MonthlyClubs.com. They have dozens of options for how often and how many bottles are shipped, and are sure to be a gift dad loves. MonthlyClubs.com also has cigar and cheese clubs, or you can design your own club.

Another great option is to get your dad some new gear for whatever his favorite activity is. Whether it’s golf or basketball, camping or fishing, we have you covered in our sports section. Some of the bigger stores with tons of options for a variety of activities are Cabela’s, Bass Prop Shops, Sports Authority and REI. And if dad is more of sports watcher than a sports doer, we have plenty of jerseys and memorabilia from stores like the NFL, MLB, Nascar and Fanatics¬†to name a few.

And if you just have no idea what to get your dad this year, just go with a gift card. If you know what type of store your dad likes shopping at, let your dad choose what he wants from the store, and if you have no idea, go with an American Express Gift Card, which can be used most anywhere. Some of the more popular gift card options we have are Sears, Restaurant.com, and AutoZone and for a complete list, check out our gift card page.


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