Finding Gifts – Groupon to the Rescue

Save 50% off on FlowersBetween finding the best gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and four birthdays coming up, I feel like I haven’t done anything but shop lately.  Thanks God for Groupon!

I needed to knock out my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day, so I took advantage of Groupon’s “$20 for $40 Worth of Flowers from FTD” deal for my mother-in-law.  That was the easiest to do.  In addition to saving $20, I also get 6.5% cash back on everything I buy from Groupon when I start at Memolink, and that adds up quick.  The cashback from Memolink is like having a Groupon coupon to add on top of the massive savings Groupon already gives me.

My mom doesn’t live near me, so I searched her city on Groupon and found tickets to a Comedy Show that I know she’ll enjoy.  Groupon was giving me 50% off the tickets, so I thought…easy peasy!

My husband’s birthday is coming up really soon, and he is usually really hard to buy for.  However, this year he said that his arm was hurting after “golfing too much”…really, can that actually happen?  Anyway, he wanted to get a massage to help work his arm out.  The way to make sure Groupon’s massage deals work out well for everyone is to research the company before you buy. I always yelp the massage company or google “their name + reviews.”  If the reviews look good, I’ll book it. Otherwise, no deal is worth messing up your back.  I do the same thing anytime I take advantage of Groupon’s hair services.  Reviews make all the difference.

Save on Shoes for DadFinding a Father’s Day gift for my Dad is hard, but I came across these shoes that he might like.  He always wears his hiking shoes with everything, and my mom and I have been trying to get him to get a more casual shoe. What better way than just buying it for him.  I like this Franco Vanucci Men’s Boat Shoe because it’ll go well with his “khaki shorts outfits” that he always wears.  Plus, this deal has free returns, so its a no-risk purchase.  I can buy it at Groupon for just $35, which is 61% discount. I’ve now gotten those gifts bought, but still have to find the last three birthday gifts.  I have a few weeks to get those, so hopefully Groupon will come to the rescue again!

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