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Tax season has officially arrived and our Tax Guide will make free tax filing online easier with deals from Turbo Tax, H&R Block and more. Be sure to check out Turbo Tax’s Absolute Zero sale on Memolink, where you can file your free tax returns and still earn 800 points! You’ll could also receive 136 points per dollar spent with Turbo Tax or 176 points per dollar with H&R Block when shopping through Memolink. In addition to money-saving coupons, our Tax Guide also gives valuable tips to get the highest refund from your federal income tax return.

1. Deducting charitable contributions.

2. Self-employed and working from home? You can deduct a variety of expenses, such as a portion of the cost of utilities and rent for your home office, membership fees for professional organizations, and even magazine subscriptions!

3. If your home was damaged by a natural disaster that required federal aid, you could be eligible to deduct uninsured costs of getting your life back on track.

4. Refinance your mortgage! This will save you money two ways – by lowering your monthly interest payment and deducting any loan points you pay on the refinance.

5. Deduct the cost of medical insurance premiums that are over 10% of your adjusted gross income, even if you’re covered with your employer’s plan. If you’re self-employed, the 10% threshold is removed.

6. K-12 teachers, teacher aides instructors and principals can get an above-the-line deduction for materials they buy for their classrooms. No itemizing necessary!

7. Tax planning and investment services can be deducted if you itemize and the costs are more than 2% of your adjusted growth income. These could even include phone calls to your broker or subscriptions to financial publications like Forbes and Fortune.

8. Babysitters, daycare, nursery school and preschool are expensive, so parents who leave their child with a caregiver so they can work are eligible for a tax credit to help offset the cost. Some limitations include the child’s age and the percentage of the credit.

9. New job in a new state? You can deduct related packing, moving, storage, insurance, transportation and lodging costs so long as your new job is 50 miles or more from your home than your old job.

10. Part-time workers with two jobs can deduct a portion of their transportation costs incurred by going from one job to the other.

As always, April 15th is the last day to file your federal income tax return, so be sure to mark your calendar! In addition, there are a few other important dates to be aware of:

February 2nd

Deadline for employers to send 2014 W-2 forms to employees.

Payers must furnish 1099 statements to payees.

Employers must file federal unemployment tax returns and pay any tax due.

March 2nd

Payers must file information returns, such as 1099s, with the IRS. If filing electronically, the deadline is March 31st.

Employers must send W-2 copies to the Social Security Administration. If filing electronically, the deadline is March 31st.

March 16th

2014 calendar-year corporation income tax returns are due.

April 15th

Deadline to file your federal income tax return.

2014 annual gift tax returns are due.

Last day you can make your 2014 IRA and education savings account contributions.

First installment of 2015 individual estimated tax is due.

June 15th

Second installment of 2015 individual estimated tax is due.

September 15th

Third installment of 2015 individual estimated tax is due.

October 15th

Deadline for filing your 2014 individual tax return if you filed for an extension of the April 15th deadline.


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