“It’s So Simple!” — How Points & Cashback Work on Memolink

If you are new to Memolink,  you might be wondering to yourself: “What exactly are these Memolink points I keep hearing about?”

Fear not, friends, for your trusty Memolink team is here to help! And the icing on the cake is that the answer is actually very simple, and we bet you love simple just as much as we do.

You see, our points are just an easier—that’s right, easier– way to keep track of the cashback you are earning across our site. For every 1,600 points you earn, you receive $1 in cashback. So even when the way you are earning points doesn’t cost you any money, such as from a survey or a free easy offer, it will be worth a certain number of points. Thanks to our point system, you will know right away how much cashback you’ll receive in your Memolink account for completing that survey or free offer!

Our point system also applies to online shopping. Whenever you shop online through Memolink, you earn cashback for every dollar you spend. Let’s break this down in a fun scenario. It’s your friend’s birthday coming up, and you know she’s a fan of Macy’s, so you decide to start your browsing there. You go on Memolink.com, go to Macy’s page, and click to go to their site.  Once there, you see an absolutely adorable necklace you know she’ll love.  Now here’s where the points system comes into play. Let’s say Macy’s was giving 32 points per $ at Memolink and your friend’s necklace was $50. Therefore, you would receive 1,600 points for your Macy’s purchase. Those 1,600 points would be in your Memolink account and be accumulated toward whatever reward you choose, like cashback.

So once you’ve earned 16,000 points, which is the same as a $10 Gift Card, you can click on the “Redeem” button in our top navigation bar to redeem your points for the reward of your choosing!

So simple, right?

Oh, and here’s a pro-tip: when shopping online, it’s super important for you to start on our site first or else you won’t earn any points towards your Memolink account!

We really hope that this little tutorial has cleared up what Memolink points are and how you earn them. We invite you to head over to Memolink.com so you can get started earning those points!

Happy earning, friends!

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