Do You Love Memolink? Refer Your Friends!

Refer Your FriendsIn today’s world, everyone is on social media. And we mean everyone, from your 80 year old grandma to your 8 year old niece. And if they aren’t on social media, you can usually reach them by email. Basically, it’s super easy to stay connected with everyone in your life on the internet.

So what better way to share your love for Memolink then by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, or email so that ALL of your friends can join in on the fun, too?

As if that wasn’t reason enough to refer your friends to Memolink, we have added an additional incentive to really make it worth your time. By inviting your friends on Facebook or Twitter, you will get 5 points for each of your friends that clicks on your invite link and successfully joins. Plus, you will also earn 10% of your friends points for LIFE. Yup, that’s right–an additional 10% of their points for the rest of your time on Memolink, all because you successfully referred them.

What are you waiting for? Grab your invitation link from the homepage, or check out the Refer page to grab your invitation link from there, and get started referring your friends to Memolink!


P.S. If you want a little more help on how to refer your friends, take a second to go over our step-by-step tutorial. You’ll be inviting friends in no time!


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