Make Money from Business Purchases

Whether you’re a business owner, the person who orders office supplies for your company, or the associate who Save on Business Traveltravels on business trips once in a while, Memolink can make you money.

Some business owners use Memolink to get cash back when they order their office supplies, breakroom supplies, book business trips, or order their product.  Quill coupons are always good, Staples has great deals on breakroom supplies and Office Max has a ton of products to choose from.  In addition, you could earn up to 3% cash back when you buy and save on office supplies or breakroom supplies.  Many resellers buy their products at a slight discount from stores on Memolink, plus the cash back from Memolink lowers their costs even more.

If you travel for business and aren’t booking through Memolink, you’re missing out on easy money.  Memolink partners with all the big travel sites like Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, Orbitz and  You can earn up to 4.5% cashback on some of your business travel when you start at Memolink. It’s also easy to make money at Memolink if you prefer booking directly from your favorite hotel or car rental website. We have all the top brands from Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, and many many hotel brands offering up to 2.5% cashback.  If you’re looking to book a car and save money, check out Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Budget or other brands offering cash back for renting cars through Memolink.

What a lot of business people do, especially when you book your own travel and get reimbursed, is set up a Memolink account and book the travel through Memolink.  That way the company is paying for your trip, you’re earning all the cash back through Memolink.  Plus, if you’re using a credit card that gives you miles or more cash back, you can get that credit too.  I love double dipping.

If you’re ordering office supplies for your boss, you can start though Memolink and keep the points for cashback for yourself.  Again, a great way for your company to get what it needs, while you get to keep the savings in the form of a gift card to treat yourself.

Many companies actually use the money they make on Memolink as an Employee Rewards Program.  They set up an account for their company, and ask their Office Manager to buy all office supplies and breakroom supplies through Memolink to earn points for cash back.  They also ask their employees to book their travel by starting at Memolink.  Then, they take the money they made by earning cash back, and redeem their memolink points for a gift card for their “Employee of the Month” or just as a Thank You to an employee doing a great job.  There is no extra money out of pocket for the employer, and they get to reward their employees and make them feel good.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

In addition, if you email Memolink’s Member Support and give them the company’s name and tax id number, they will set up your account as a Business Account.  Business Accounts get 10% more points on everything you purchase through Memolink.

If you haven’t start earning money through Memolink by having your company pay for it, you’re missing out.  Email Memolink Member Support to create your Business account today.


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