Memocode: ItsFixedNow…I’m talking “Sharing Coupons” on Memolink

As many of you know, a few months ago Memolink gave members an opportunity to earn points for sharing coupons. Three points for every shared coupons, up to three coupon shares per day.  It was designed for an easy way to share awesome deals with your friends and earn free points every day.  However, less than a week after we launched it, Facebook changed things on their side and it broke for some of our members.  That’s definitely not what we wanted!

Finally, after months of back and forth with Facebook, we think ItsFixedNow.  So, we’re celebrating the new feature with a new memocode: ItsFixedNow. Earn 50 points when you share 3 coupons between now and Aug 25, 2015 and enter the memocode.  It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for giving this easy and free point opportunity another chance. We also know sharing coupons with your friends is not just about the points, but they sure help. It’s about sharing that great deal you found with your friends and making their day with a fantastic find.

Although we’ve tested the begezzes out of it and we’re pretty confident that it does work for everyone now, we’ve been proven wrong in the past. So, if for some crazy reason you have any issues sharing coupons on Memolink, please email us at

In fact, if you have any problems with the site or just want to say “hi”, email us.  We love hearing from our members.

Thanks again for sharing coupons with your friends and helping them get the same great deal as you!

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