MyStores Quicklist 101

MyStoresBannerblogMyStores Quicklist is one of Memolink’s most user friendly resources and will help to make your online shopping experience that much easier.

The concept is simple: Do you shop online? Do you have favorite stores? Then why not put them all in one list so you can scroll through their coupons in a single swoop. Instead of having to click around to all of your favorite stores’ different merchant pages, the Mystores Quicklist allows you to find all the information you want on a single page.

I can’t speak for everyone, but oftentimes when I shop online, I’m not just shopping for myself, but for my family and friends, too. I have so many stores to keep track of and without MyStores, it would get a little overwhelming. Take my mom, for instance. She absolutely loves sweaters from Lands’ End. Since her birthday is coming up, I added Lands’ End to my MyStores and have been checking their coupons and sales daily to try and  find her the cutest sweater–without having to spend a fortune. My dad, on the other hand, is basically impossible to shop for. He never wants any new clothes and he buys all his tools himself! So I put Groupon in my MyStores, and whenever I see a coupon for a nice dinner, I snap it up right away and plan a father-daughter date. But wait, I can’t forget myself! I am borderline obsessed with Anthropologie, and ever since I put them in my MyStores, I have been able to score some of my favorite buys during one of their sales.

Now, before you set up your MyStores, I recommend checking out this step-by-step guide (with visuals!) on how to set them up. It is an incredibly helpful and simple breakdown of the different ways you can get you favorite stores into your MyStores Quicklist.

To make sure you get the most from your new and wonderful list of MyStores, take a peak at this handy list of all the different ways you can access and use your MyStores list. From the homepage and beyond, your MyStores will quickly become one of your go-to features on Memolink.

Exciting stuff, right?

Plus, to top it all off, Memolink will give you 5 FREE bonus points for every store you add until you’ve reached 10 stores. That means you can make 50 free bonus points just for making your life easier.

So live the easy life and set up your MyStores Quicklist today!


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