New Navigation, More Free Points

NavigationWe asked some of our members how they liked navigating our site, and they said it was okay, but it could be better.  They also said that there were so many different ways to earn points that they didn’t know where to start.  So, we decided to make it easier for everyone with our new navigation, daily checklist and tour.  It you click on our Memolink logo on this page (top left), it will take you out of our blog area, and back to our main site to see what I’m talking about.

The new navigation makes finding your favorite stores, the best coupons and deals, taking easy surveys, and getting free points even easier.  The drop down menus make everything accessible from almost every page.  Hopefully, you’ll find it easier to use as well.

Our members were asking us for a better way to not forget to earn their easiest points every day, so that’s how we designed the checklist.  The checklist reminds users to get their free 3 points for checking Site of the Day, and free 5 points for playing trivia.  It also reminds you to take a survey every day and complete an easy point offer for free points.  These offers could be worth over 500 points each!  A favorite of mine is checking your Memocodes every day, which is a great way to get free bonus points.

We’re hoping the tour will help people know where to look for things now that we moved everything around.  We’d love to hear what you think.

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