It is that time of year again….POINTPALOOZA timehere at Memolink.com!  Who doesn’t love extra points?! If you’re like me, then you use this as an excuse to buy TWICE as much, because why not if you are getting more bang for your buck?  That being said, it is also that time of year again…for fleas and ticks to try to eat your dog and cat.  No fun for them, and definitely no fun for us pet parents to have remove these awful insects!  This year at Pointpalooza we have an awesome new merchant called Piping Rock that sells everything you could ever think of for both you and your pet, and with Pointpalooza going on, you get literally double the points! It was 80 points/$ and now is 160 pointpiping rocks/$! Might as well buy something for your and your best buddy.

Now as you all know I have cats, who don’t really go outside, but those awful fleas will try to find their way in the house any way they can so now is the perfect time for me to hop on some Pointpalooza.  Sites like Piping Rock ( I will even include a link to their page at the end),  PetcareRX which has also doubled in point value, going from 48 points/$ to 96 points/$, and Pet Plus has gone from up to 96 points/$ to up to 128 points/$ are offering great deals and extra points to help keep those pests out and your pets healthy.

PetCareRX is now offering 20% off flea and tick medicine with free shipping on
orders of $35 or more (plus don’t forget those double points).  Even though my cats don’t venture outside, I do and I can pick up a tick while hiking or even taking a stroll in the park, so I purchased my cats their tick and flea medicine today.  I also decided that since Piping Rock is offering 160 points/$, that I would buy my cat Butters some vitamins.  She is 7 1/2 years old now, and call me crazy but if I am going to take vitamins than so are my beloved pets.  To be honest, I will probably buy myself  some too, since I am also getting up there!

So all in all, today or any day until July 18th, is a great day to make a purchase here at Memolink.com.  You honestly cannot beat these awesome deals and point values we have going on for Pointpalooza, so come on  by and buy your best friend some medicine to help keep them healthy, and get yourself some too while you here!  And don’t forget, starting Monday July 21st is our Back to School sale!  Get excited because I know I am!

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