Prime Deck and Grill Weather

yardtimeGrilling and patio season is yearlong for me (snow shovels and umbrellas are part of grilling), but for most people it starts in Spring. Now is a great time to replace your old deck furniture, work on the lawn or get new grill gear as many stores have sales going on. Here’s a few ideas to help take your Spring and Summer to the next level.

Patio furniture can be pricey, but Home Depot has 40% off most of their patio furniture online, so now’s the chance to get what you’ve always wanted. Not sure how the cushion feels, how high the table is or how much recline the chairs give? No problem. Head to the store, check it out, then order it on Memolink and earn some points.

But what’s a fancy furniture set up worth if you don’t have a nice yard to look at? Memolink has dozens of lawn and garden options that can help you have the envy of the neighborhood.

All of the yard work is sure to make you hungry, so stay out and admire your hard work while grilling a tasty dinner (maybe from Omaha Steaks). has some great BBQ options available, all with free shipping when you use the code “MEMOFREE.” For more options, check out the 5% off grills offer at Sears.



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