Summer Shopping Solved: Point Increases, Savings, and Gift Guides Galore!


Is it just us or does shopping tend to pick up during the summer? From needing new shorts, bathing suits and flip-flops for that beach weekend you’ve been looking forward to all year or  needing a new grill and outdoor patio furniture for all the summer BBQ’s you plan to have– the shopping list is always growing during the months of June and July.

That’s why we want to help ya out by sharing the best deals, summer steals, and shopping savings we can find. Memolink's 17th Birthday Points Shopping

First off, if you haven’t already been checking out all the awesome point increases we’ve got going on to celebrate our 17th Birthday (woop woop!), then you definitely need to start there. As we mentioned in our post last week, SO many of your favorite stores have increased their points and cashback! Trust us, you will be thrilled once you check these out!

Father's Day ShoppingSo now that you’ve seen all the fantastic point increases, head on over to all our gift guides. With Father’s Day right around the corner and graduation season coming to a close, the time is NOW to shop ouGraduation Shoppingr gift guides and find the perfect gift for a loved one–or hey, even yourself! Snag the best gift and don’t break the bank in the process and make sure to thank us later :)

And finally, now that you’ve picked out the stores and
products you want to buy, check out our top coupons and offers at the bottom of the homepage! Every morning we update this section with the BEST sales of the day! We can basically guarantee that at least one of those incredible deals will strike your fancy and voila! you’ve just saved some major bucks.

Alright, folks. We’ve outlined your summer shopping plan of attack and we think it’s time you hit the ground shopping!

Have fun out there and stay cool!

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