Top 5 Things To Buy Online (That You Wouldn’t Think Of, But Will Earn You Points!)

Earn Points for purchasing lessons at GrouponI have always been a big online shopper, even before I came to find my place at That made it a pretty seamless transition for me to move all of my shopping through Memolink, and now that I have, I think it’s pretty neat to see how many points I’ve racked up just by doing the things I was already doing before.

Since then, however, Memolink has changed the way I view online shopping. Here are the top 5 things to buy online that I never would have thought of before I started getting rewarded for shopping online. Because shopping in PJs is way better than putting pants on, but that’s a different topic for a different day.

1. Toilet Paper. And various other life necessities like paper towels, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, vitamins, etc. I hate buying that stuff at the grocery store. All of a sudden with 12 rolls of toilet paper I don’t have as much room for the food and goodies I actually want to go home with. Solution: Every month I compile a list of things I’m running low on, hop online, and five minutes later I have everything taken care of and I’ve earned myself a few thousand points. Best part: offers free shipping on orders over $35. So why buy all of that in store when you can find better deals online AND earn points AND get free shipping? Exactly, there is no reason.

2. Tires. Also known as my least favorite purchase of all. You really need them, you really can’t put it off unless you want to drive in a flying death trap, and there’s nothing pretty or exciting about them. Oh look, Discount Tire is on Memolink! All I have to do is answer a few questions, pick a store, and make an appointment. My car earns me about 35,000 points, also known as approximately $22 cash back. Take that tires, I own you.

3. Lessons. Always wanted to try CrossFit? No, how about Salsa Dancing? Groupon offers a variety of deals to try out new things. Guitar Lessons, Golf Lessons, Yoga Classes, Introductory Flight Lessons, you name it, you can try it and earn some points for cash back. I think I might still find my calling with 63% Off Drum Lessons. My roommate/boyfriend may disagree.

4. Appliances. Any purchase this size requires a little bit of research. Swing by your local Home Depot to take a look at their inventory. This can help you pick out appliances based on aesthetics, talk to a representative if you have questions, and get an idea of what exactly you’re looking for. Then go home, hop online and order away. Home Depot offers free delivery so once your order is complete you can sit back and relax. Or you can click on our Rewards tab and start scoping out what awesome reward you want to get when your points post, because with purchases that large, you can cash out one heck of a gift card. If you’re in the market for some appliances now, check out this “Save Up to $1000 Instantly” Sale at Home Depot.

5. Furniture. This takes the same approach as appliances. Sites like Overstock offer deep discounts on furniture as well as free shipping over $50. Don’t like that couch you just bought? You can initiate a return for most new and unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund at Overstock.

There you have it. Expand your shopping horizons and you’ll find your next reward is much closer than you thought!


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